(International Participation)
October 25-28, 2018
Papillon Ayscha Hotel & Resort
25-28 Ekim 2018
Papillon Ayscha Hotel & Resort

IX.VETERINARY PATHOLOGY CONGRESS (International Participation)

Papillon Ayscha Hotel & Resort
October 25-28, 2018


It is a great honour for us that the ninth biennial Veterinary Pathology Congress will be held in Antalya, the pearl of the Meditarrenean with a rich heritage, by the organization of the Veterinary Pathology Association between 25 October and 28 October 2018. Under the scope of "IX Veterinary Pathology Congress" (International Participation); a scientific environment is purposed with oral and poster presentations which will be presented by academicians and researchers, and sessions in which current studies, cases and methods of veterinary pathology will be shared.
The veterinary pathology science field has a wide range of both individual and multidisciplinary studies. Ensuring traceability and sustainability of innovations in this area should be considered as the main objective.
Under this frame, our congress will be a high-impact organization with oral and poster presentations and the current works on the field of Veterinary Pathology being shared. Our congresses which have been held regularly for sixteen years have made it possible for academicians and researchers to share their work in the scientific aspect and prepare the ground for new prospective projects.
The fact that the congresses are held in every two years in the cities with natural beauties of our country contributes in social and cultural terms and leaves wonderful memories in our memories.
We will be glad to see you valued scientists at our congress, in which scientific studies will take place. We look forward for your help and contributions to make the announcement of the fairground within your institution, and present our greatest respects.

Prof. Dr. Rıfkı HAZIROĞLU
President of the Association